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Manual for Language Test Development and Examining : available in English, French and German

Author: Catherine Seewald/Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014/Categories: Language Policy Unit, Evaluation and assessment

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The Manual for Language Test Development and Examining is designed to be complementary to the Manual for Relating language examinations to the CEFR; it focuses on aspects of test development and examining which were not covered in that Manual. It is, in fact, a revised version of an earlier Council of Europe document originally known as a Users’ Guide for Examiners (1996), which was one of several Users’ Guides commissioned by the Council of Europe to accompany the first draft of the CEFR in 1996/7. This Manual has also been translated into French and German.

Work of the European Centre for Modern Languages in the field of language examinations 

Latest project results and publications (2011)

Current project "Relating language examinations to the Common European Reference Levels of Language Proficiency: Promoting quality assurance in education and facilitating mobility"

Projects within the rogramme of activities 2012-2015:

  • Signed languages for professional purposes 
  • Language descriptors for migrant and minority learners' success in compulsory education
  • Literacies through Content and Language Integrated Learning: effective learning across subjects and languages
  • Languages in corporate quality 
  • Training and education in public service interpreting and translation for migrants and second-generation migrants

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