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    A quality assurance matrix for CEFR use
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A quality assurance matrix for CEFR use

Shortcut: www.ecml.at/CEFRqualitymatrix


The Quality Assurance Matrix for CEFR use (CEFR-QualiMatrix) project aims to promote effective language learning by supporting teachers and other language education professionals in engaging in curriculum renewal supported by the CEFR vision of teaching and learning. The action-oriented approach fostered by the CEFR integrates planning, teaching and assessment as a means to promote quality in language education. 
The core of the project is the QualiMatrix, a web-based tool to support CEFR-based innovation. Alongside the matrix tool, the website provides a rich collection of resources and promising practices that can be used by different stakeholders at the levels of policy, curriculum development, teaching and assessment. 
The jigsaw below is an interactive menu that gives access to all of the features of the project. The tabs at the top of the page lead directly to the QualiMatrix, and the sections on the CEFR, Quality, and Promising Practices.