ECML Programme

The ECML runs 4-year medium-term programmes aimed at promoting excellence in European language education.  Through its programme, consisting of projects and related activities to which participants from the member states are invited, the ECML provides a platform for gathering and disseminating information, stimulating discussion and training multipliers in matters related to language education. The themes and aims of the ECML programmes are closely related to national and international developments in the area of language policy and practice. The processes and the results are relevant for and adaptable to diverse educational contexts across Europe.

Teams and participants

Following a call for project proposals/tender the selected project teams engage in pan-European cooperation. Participants invited to project workshops or network meetings in Graz are expected to act as multipliers, informing their colleagues and the wider professional networks within their countries about the work of the ECML.

Project websites

The expert public is invited to follow the activities of the ECML projects on the dedicated websites.

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These websites provide comprehensive information on projects, details of the professional backgrounds of the teams, regular updates on activities, references and a project glossary. All sites are available in two working languages. To find out more about projects it is possible to take up direct contact with the project teams.

 All project publications can be consulted and downloaded here.

Programme 2012-2015 - Learning through languages

Promoting inclusive, plurilingual and intercultural education
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Programme 2008-2011 - Empowering language professionals

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Programme 2004-2007 - Languages for Social Cohesion

Programme 2004-2007

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Specialised support activity for the implementation of Council of Europe instruments

Enhancing Romani language education in schools in Europe (QualiRom)

Short-term activity 2010-2011

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